With years of experience, Cowin Global Services offers clients dynamic and flexible maintenance solutions across the UK and Sweden, which can be tailored to suit your business needs and budget.  We also offer unrivaled off-site services, including roll cage storage, large volume repairs, cage refurbishment and assembly services. 

Our roll cage maintenance and refurbishment services can be delivered in three ways:

  • Off site at one of our national storage and repair facilities in the UK or Sweden
  • Nationally through our specialist mobile repair engineers
  • On-site incorporating our fully trained roll cage repair teams within your daily operations

Our repair and maintenance engineers are fully trained, accredited and experienced to deliver the very best results for our clients and their operational needs across Europe.

Roll Cage Servicing

The benefits of roll cage maintenance and refurbishment


We believe in extending product life cycles to reduce annual waste for our partners. Through analysis and frameworks provided by Cowin Global, we can assist you in the refurbishment and ongoing maintenance of your fleet.  Not only does this circular economy approach reduce costs by giving your fleet a longer life span, you contribute to a more sustainable future.

Doing things better, by doing better things:

  • Reduce pressure on the environment
  • Reducing dependence on importation of raw materials
  • Reducing waste along the supply chain
  • More durable and innovative products
  • Resource security and price stability
  • Build a stronger brand reputation

Data capture software Supporting performance based purchasing

Data analysis is key to streamlining your repairs and supporting strategic performance based purchasing.

Our software designers have worked closely with our long-term clients to develop the ultimate routine repair and maintenance data capture system. This bespoke system enables clients and asset managers to track every single element of the repair and maintenance process, including:

  • Asset repair location if you are tracking repairs across multiple sites
  • Name of repairer and how long each repair takes
  • Record damage and repair carried out
  • Track daily, weekly and monthly repair volumes
  • Manufacturer specific performance
  • General fleet performance overview

The system also identifies other key areas across the business that may be causing premature damage to returnable assets, increasing repair rates and associated costs.

This data capture system is exclusive to the Cowin Global servicing team.  Find out how we can reduce your costs and streamline operations by contacting us today.

Data Capture software (2)

Cowin Global Services Why choose us

Because we focus on results
For us, it’s all about what adds value for you and your business. Above all, we want our services to work for you. 

Because we invest in positive company culture
With trust, respect and the opportunity for our employees to grow.  Our Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Engineers work with shared values and are passionate about what they do.

Because we constantly innovate
Using technologies that improve efficiency.  Our exclusive data capture management system will change the future of asset management within the cage repair and maintenance sector.

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