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What is a laundry cage

Laundry roll cages are extremely efficient and versatile and can be used in many different material handling applications. Designed specifically for the linen and laundry sectors, laundry cages are a crucial part of the process of washing and keeping large amounts of laundry and linen. Laundry cages are the perfect laundry cart that also provides good visibility for the clothes accommodated inside.

Usually made of wear-resistant electrolytically galvanized steel, they are a great option for anyone looking for a sustainable and effective way of distributing laundry. Some are half-foldable and have a hinged front gate, which makes picking and stacking the laundry extra comfortable and fast.

Laundry trolleys are specific for handling laundry more easily, but they also help prevent repetitive stress injuries. Ergonomic laundry trolleys are very well suited for laundries, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, spas, etc and their design ensures that the trolley will be close to the equipment so that the clothing does not end up on the floor!

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