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We design and manufacture logistics products to help you move items with speed and efficiency

From established global brands to emerging SMEs, every company and each sector we partner with is unique. So there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the cages we make and supply or to our approach. But for us, it always begins with a thorough understanding of what drives your business.

Whether you’ve commissioned us to design a new product or ordered from our wide-ranging portfolio, you can rely on a partner working to the highest ethical standards and corporate social responsibilities.

Moving your products with world class logistics equipment


The Cowin Global team specialises in the design, development and manufacture of logistics equipment – for the swift, safe and secure storage, handling, transport and distribution of materials and goods. Whether it’s in automotive or retail, we help you move forward. After all, fuelling innovation and driving your business growth is our ultimate goal.

With our solely owned purpose-built factory in China as our base, and sales and market specialists worldwide, we bring an international outlook to the manufacturing mix. A comprehensive after-sales set of services, ensures that we deliver at every stage of the customer journey.

Choosing the right

Logistics Partners

Logistics products focusing on sustainable development and social responsibility.

Global Provider

Founded in the West, operated and managed in the East.

Socially Responsible

Western CSR, management and principles with a long term manufacturing cost base.

Government Approved

We are one of the largest approved Grade A Surface Treatment plants.

Full Capabilities

Concept & Product Design, Prototyping, Testing, Production Design, Validation, Production, Service.


80,000 m² of Industrial land in China and 35,000m² Production Facilities.

Vertically Integrated

Full service operation with own engineering and supply chain management.

Customer Satisfaction
Product Use Globally
Products Sold Worldwide
Productivity Improvement

Precision Engineering for maximum efficiency


Our customers can choose to produce metal products and logistics products in our machinery factory or with carefully selected suppliers.

Custom cages based on your needs

Specialists in the development, design and manufacture of equipment for storage, handling, transportation and distribution of materials and commodities.


Wire container carriage bespoke engineered

Collapsible wire containers welded from high strength steel wires can be locked with a padlock, which is ideal for transporting and storing valuable items.


Automotive carriage bespoke engineered

The automotive industry uses containers for everything from storing car parts and tools to actually storing completed vehicle pieces and vehicles.


Dairy Cages

We offer a wide and varied range of trolleys and advanced logistics equipment for the dairy industry to reduce handling from dairy to point of sale.


Distribution container carriage bespoke engineered

Our cages are for moving large quantities of stock or materials in warehouses, factories and shops, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for manual handling. Security Cages, Roll Cages, Distribution Cages and Shelf Trolleys, from standard roll cages through to bespoke industrial and warehouse cages.


Laundry Cages

We offer a wide and varied range of trolleys and advanced logistics equipment for the dairy industry to reduce handling from dairy to point of sale.

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